8 Notion Templates for Study and School

It’s time to back to study times, I know maybe it’s hard and you need to be organized, but if you try Notion before you know it really can help you, if not try it now!

Okay, Notion needs to create your customized version and use it. Still, there are a lot of templates available that you can use immediately, whatever you are, if you like simplicity or if you are a perfectionist and look for a completely perfect template. 

I investigated and collected 8 templates free and paid that can be suitable for you to start with them, 5 of them are free and 3 of them are paid.

Free Notion Templates for Study and School

  1. Janice Studies’ student dashboard, Created by: Janice Studies. [Download]
  2. Aesthetic Matcha Student Planner, Created by: The Matcha Vibe. [Download]
  3. My School Dashboard, Created by Aashna Sanghani. [Download]
  4. A+ Student Planner, Created by Good Job Productivity. [Download]
  5. Study dashboard, Created by Jeppe Stenstrup Lauridsen [Download]

Premium Notion Templates for Study and School

  1. Student OS Dashboard, Created by Chris. 15$ Price. [Buy]
  2. All-in-One Notion Student Template, Created by Gridfiti. 19$ [Buy]
  3. Notion Student Bundle, Created by Temply. 49$ [Buy]

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