8 Notion Templates for Study and School

Notion Templates for Study and School

It’s time to back to study times, I know maybe it’s hard and you need to be organized, but if you try Notion before you know it really can help you, if not try it now! Okay, Notion needs to create your customized version and use it. Still, there are a lot of templates available … Read more

Need help exporting your Notion Resume? Try these solutions.

Need help to export your resume template in Notion? Try these solutions.

Do you need assistance with exporting your resume template as a PDF on Notion? Here are some frequently encountered issues when exporting the Notion Resume template to PDF: I have some solutions for improving the export of Notion templates, specifically Resume/CV templates. I explain them fully in this YouTube video:

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Why Should You Choose Notion as Your All-in-One Productivity Solution? Unveiling the Power Within.


Today we have a lot of digital productivity tools but when it comes to finding the perfect productivity tool, first impressions matter. The initial experience sets the tone for your entire workflow, and with Notion, that first impression is nothing short of exceptional. In this blog post, we’ll explore why Notion should be your top choice as … Read more